Friday, June 15, 2012

All Japan Wrestling on TV from June/July 1993

This tape is some kind of compilation of wrestling from June and July of 1993.  I'm going to focus on the All Japan from it. I don't have any specific dates unfortunately, but I think if you search you should be able to find it.

Terry Gordy vs Stan Hansen
I'm not a big Terry Gordy fan. It's true. I don't think there is anything wrong with him, but I'm not a big Freebirds fan and I think Doc was much better than him. He's a good wingman, but not really a pilot, you know what I mean? This match had alot of US style brawling. Too many punches and kicks here, and not the good type like Kawada does. Gordy controls most of this match, but it's much better when Hansen is on the attack. The highlight of this match is Joe Higuchi. He yells at the guys in English! He sounds pretty cool too. If you haven't seen Joe Higuchi before, check my photobucket as I have a picture with him when he came to the combination Ring of Honor/Noah show in USA. Back to the match, the finish was pretty good. Gordy hit a few choice lariats and Hansen finished him off with a lariat out of nowhere for the win. The finish was good but the opening was pretty bad. Rating: **1/2

Miracle Violence Combination vs Stan Hansen and Joel Deaton
Doc and Gordy, Doc and Gordy, Doc and Gordy, Doc and....Sorry, Perry Saturn moment there. Great opening here. MVC rushes their opponents from the start and it begins with chaos. Great! Gordy and Doc owned for the first part of this then Hansen made a killer comeback. MVC were so good in this with their aggresive attacks. Deaton and Hansen were both really good too. Gordy wins with the powerbom. You want all of this. Rating: ****1/4

Misawa/Kobashi/Kikuchi vs Kawada/Taue/Ogawa 6/13/1993
This is legitimately one of my favorite matches ever. This is top 10 AJPW for me. The crowd doesn't know who to cheer for when Misawa and Kawada square off, so they have both chants at the same time and somehow "Miwada" gets cheered. Kikuchi is like a smaller and even spunkier Kobashi in this. Taue had a blast bullying him around. This was a really strong match and still is one of my favorites. Rating: ****

Kawada/Taue/Ogawa vs Misawa/Kobashi/Akiyama 7/2/1993
This match OWNS. The crowd goes banana(as Pat Patterson would say) throughout this whole thing, especially when Kobashi is in it. KAWADA was the man in this. He was super aggressive and a such a jerk. Combine that with his awesome selling and it was amazing. Taue was good in this too. He got really fired up and did some nasty chokeslams. Ogawa is Ogawa and Akiyama hung in there. Kobashi wins with a sweet moonsault. Rating: ****1/2

The Destroyer vs Omori
Really quick work by the Destroyer here. He won with the Figure Four.
Rating: No rating

Stan Hansen/Johnny Ace vs The Youngbloods
Cowboys vs Indians here with Sgt. Stan Hansen. One of the Youngbloods tries a chop on Hansen and he goes BALLISTIC. He then schools him on Chopping 101. Hansen wins with the Lariat then gets one on the other Youngblood for good measure. Stan Hansen doesn't like Indians and I don't like Ace's weak stomps. Rating: **. Don't let it fool you, this was really entertaining, but it just was a squash.

You want all of this! A couple of these are on youtube including the MVC tag and the 6-man with Akiyama so check it out.

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