Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today's viewings

6/10/2012 Prince Devitt vs Low-Ki
This was fluid japanese junior heavyweight wrestling. Everything was really crisp and nice  and I loved Devitt's dropkick to Low-ki on the post who had to be a good 7 feet or more up in the air. Everything was going good and then naturally, Devitt injured his knee. Low-Ki quickly put him in the sharpshooter to prevent any injuries. Rating: ***

5-5-1997 WAR Genichiro Tenryu & Kitahara & Kikuchi vs. Abdullah The Butcher & Tarzan Goto & Ryo Miyake (Cage)

Goto starts this off right by chucking chairs at wrestlers as they enter the arena. They then get into the cage after a nice brawl and start following rules, what the heck?  We get a long beatdown section on Kitahara and then it gets more chaotic. Miyake gets his team some more plunder like chairs and a glass bottle. Goto mistakes this for his favorite izakaya and breaks the bottle threatening to cut fools. Goto tied Tenryu's foot to the ropes with barbwire while Abby stabbed him for about 5 minutes straight. After he got out, Tenryu threw some awesome jabs on Miyake from the top of the cage then did a dive! How can you not love Tenryu? Tenryu then HULKED UP! After that Kitahara took over and got the win over Miyake with a powerbomb. This was a fun match. It stalled a little in the middle but Tenryu hulking up is cool stuff. Rating:***

3/2/1994 WAR Genichiro Tenryu/Ashura Hara vs Atsushi Onita/Tarzan Goto
I always wanted to see this match.  It was disappointing. The crowd wasn't into anything Hara did and they couldn't wait to have Tenryu and Onita square off so the crowd got their fill early. The finishing stretch was nice though. Rating: **3/4

AJPW 1985 - Rusher Kimura vs Giant Baba
I knew this wasn't going to be much and it wasn't. Just basic heel and face work and naturally a screwy finish since this is the 1980's. Rating: *1/2

AJPW 1977 - RWTL - The Funks vs Rocky Hara and Genichiro Tenryu
Tenryu was so thin here. I think Taka Michinoku weighed more than him at this point. This is a 1970's match and it had a 1970's style to it. Lots and LOTS of headlocks. This match was split into three parts on youtube and it took until the third part for anything worthwhile to happen. The Funks did some okay legword and Terry ended up winning it with a Funk toehold. Rating:**

AJPW 1977 - RWTL - Giant Baba/Jumbo Tsuruta vs Abdullah the Butcher/The Sheik
This was actually a pretty good match. They got off to a hot start and everyone did their gimmicks swiftly. Baba had a really goofy haircut that needs to be seen and he was actually pretty fast and stiff in this. This match was alot of fun and it was surely the fastest I have ever seen three of the four guys in this match work. Rating: **1/2

They had a great post-match thing too. Abby and Sheik found Terry Funk and strangled him and stabbed him with Sheik's weapon. They hung him out to dry and he bled so good that it looked like he was wearing face paint. Total chaos.

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