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Best of Memphis 12/1982-5/1983 Disk 2 Part 1

Best of Memphis 12/1982-5/1983 Disk 2 Part 1

Elimination match for #1 contender to Southern Heavyweight Title - Jacques Rougeau, Terry Taylor and Bobby Fulton vs Bobby Eaton, Crusher Broomfield(One Man Gang) and Sweet Brown Sugar:
Jacques gets dropkicked
Elimination: Jacques got eliminated at 6:56 when Eaton hit him on the side while he was on the middle rope and fell. Koko pinned him.
Elimination: Rougeau tripped Koko soon after and Fulton pinned him.
Sugar goes after Jacques
Eaton and The Gang
Elimination: Broomfield pinned Fulton at 13:07 after an elbow.
Elimination: Taylor pinned Eaton at 16:10 after Broomfield hit Eaton with a chop on accident.

Elimination: Taylor pinned Broomfield right after with a roll-up.
This wasn't a good one. It went very slow and nothing at all happened. Rating: Dud

Jesse Barr vs Dutch Mantel - Mid America title - I wasn't able to get any screencaps for this one because there was honestly nothing to take caps of. This was a pretty boring match and the focus was more on Bobby Fulton and Jim Cornette chasing each other around ringside than anything else. Dutch Mantel won this in about 16 minutes after he used his whip.Definitely skip this one. After the match, Fulton and Cornette got even by choking out Mantel with his whip:

Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler vs The Sheepherders(Luke Williams and Johnathan Boyd):

Dundee flies!
This one was over quick in 5:10 when Boyd used the wrist protector on Dundee for the win. What was shown was pretty much all brawling, but good brawling. However, it barely even got going so it's hard to put any rating on it. That's too bad too as this should have been a war. Skip it.

Crusher Broomfield and Jesse Barr vs The Fabulous Ones:
According to Lance Russell, this was Cornette's first chance at a title, but I think that's incorrect since Cornette led Barr to the Mid-America's title. However, since I do not know the date on this, it is possible.
Keirn is about to become a pancake
This was another quick one at only 7 minutes. Lane beat Broomfield with a flying forearm. This match was mostly The Fab's dancing around and Broomfield looked pretty weak going down so easy. This was another dud.
That's my reaction to this too.
Lumberjack match - Jackie Fargo vs Jimmy Hart:

Hart throws powder and then gets lit up by Fargo

Fargo grabs the bell
The Fargo Strut~!
Fargo strips Hart

Pics don't really do this one justice. This one was a real trip. This was obviously a total squashing of Hart but it was alot of fun. Fargo won here easily. Rating:*

AWA Southern Heavyweight Title vs Lawler's Hair - No DQ - Nick Bockwinkle (c) vs Jerry Lawler:

Lawler uses Bock's towel against him
Ref bump
Lawler drops the strap
Bock could bump
Lawler wins!
This was a heck of a match. This was about 20+ minutes of just straight punching and brawling. If you thought Lawler could throw a good punch, you have to see Bockwinkle, as he could dish it out just as well. This was a total bumpfest too as both guys took great falls. This was really a heck of a match and highly recommended. I don't think I could find a flaw in this even if I tried. Rating:*****

Stick around for part 2 coming soon!

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