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Continental Vol.1 1985 Part 2

Continental Vol.1 1985 Part 2

"Welcome to Contiental Championship Wrestling, home of the National Wrestling Alliance, featuring champions from around the Continental United States. And now, to your host, world-renowned wrestling commentator, Gordon Solie."
"We told you last week of course that the NWA World Heavyweight Champion would be here to wrestle and defend his title here on Continental Championship Wrestling. Well guess what, he will not be here." - Solie
We got a video from Ric Flair:
"That's right Bob Armstrong, I proved without a shadow of a doubt that you are The Bullet and there is no way Ric Flair has to wrestle Bob Armstrong. There is no way that he has to wrestle The Bullet. You have had your last shot at the title. And by the way Bobby, Thanks for the $20,000." - Ric Flair
Ron Fuller was called out to watch this and he asked why. Solie told him that a suitable replacement would be needed. Ron said, "go ahead, pick anybody, I don't care". Solie then announced that Ron Fuller had been selected to fight Bob Armstrong:
"I'm not in any shape to wrestle. I don't have my stuff here." "They can't make me compete."
- Ron Fuller
"I saw you wrestle last week. You are in condition to wrestle and I saw you bring your gear off the airplane last night." - Solie
Solie was so awesome in this as the grandfather making his grandson do something he didn't want to.

"If you know anything about wrestling, you know this is one of the best right here." - Rob Fuller on Mr. Wrestling 2
He teased having Mr. Wrestling 2 as his mystery partner against the Rich's for the tag titles in Pensacola.

Ron Fuller vs The Bullet
Rob Fuller tries to unmask the Bullet...
...and Brad Armstrong makes the save!
Then Jimmy Golden comes out
and even more people come out!
The Stud's get the mask then Solie says, "Let's go to black, let's cut away." and it's not shown. The mystery of the Bullet lives on.
"Woo! We got it! Everybody knows it's Bob Armstrong!" - Ron
"I'm sorry but at that moment, we had a technical problem." - Solie
"Unless someone happened to have had a camera and snapped a picture, nobody saw it." - Solie
"Well, you heard it. They had a technical problem. Nobody sees nothin!" - Mike Jackson
"Hallelujah! I told you before, somebody up there likes me. But now it's all erased with a big eraser because it don't count!" - Bullet
"I don't care who it is, you The Tennesee Stud or anyone in your stable, sign a loser leaves town match and it'll be bye bye bye to all you jack@$$e$." - Bullett
"We found out what happened to the tape. YOU messed with the tape. Show him." - Ron
"Let me have him boss, I want him." - Boomer Lynch
"You want it?" - Ron, "I want it." - Boomer
"You got it. Boomer's gonna run you out of here, boy." - Ron
"I've been all over the world. I've taken off the masks of many people and I intend to see this Bullet. I think he's Bob Armstrong personally."
"Bob, are you ashamed of yourself? Are you bald or something?"
"You haven't seen the last of me and that's not a threat, that's a promise." - Mr. Wrestling 2

"I apologize. It seems no one got to see who the Bullet was."
"That's right, it's a good thing, haha." - Johnny Rich
Then they went over their title victory over the Nightmares. Sometime before this point, the Nightmares got unmasked and they reverted to painting their faces.

The Stud Stable then came out and Solie announced some changes to their match:
"Alright, so it's a Loser Leave." - Solie
"That's alright, that's the only match on the new card I like." - Boomer
"Brad Armstrong, you're about the epitome of low-class that I have ever seen. If you think your beach bum tail is gonna win the title, you can forget it punk. I'LL TEAR YOUR HEAD OFF FIRST." - Rob
Alabama Heavyweight Title - Roberto Soto vs Jerry Stubbs

Mr. Perfect, Jerry Stubbs (he beat Curt Henning by about 3 years)
The finish

Stubbs won this one after a Soto missed headscissors. The chain wrestling they did was good but it was too dark most of the time to get a decent picture. This one was so-so, but I think others would enjoy it more. Rating:*

Gordon then replayed the blackout clip and said, "I'm sure Bob Arms...oops, I mean the Bullet." Way to keep kayfabe Gordon!

We then skipped to another tape:

Mike Golden, Johnathan Boyd and Dr. Tom Prichard - The Wild Bunch vs Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty and Nightmare Danny Davis

Dr. Tom refuses to salute and hold the flag
Um, uh...
Some miscommunication going on there...
"Sort of a rear-on headlock or a rear-rear headlock if you will." - Solie
"Well, we've got a melee going on here." - Solie
"Boyd's loading up" - Solie

Another arguement after Boyd accidently hits Tom with the weapon and juices him

"Tom Prichard is covered in crimson, no doubt about that." - Solie
Shawn Michaels wins it with the flying body press and Boyd trips over Tom on the way down.
Prichard and Boyd finally have it out and Mike Golden chooses Boyd's side (good choice, IMO)
Pretty good match and angle here. I was really surprised to see The Rockers in Continental and I'd be up for it again. Dr. Tom was pretty good here too. Rating:*

We then got a contract signing with the Stud Stable to announce Robert Fuller as the new Tennessee Stud:
"I'd just like to say that this is one of the finest moments in my life." - Jimmy Golden
"His Brother Ron Fuller, his organization was trash." - Jimmy Golden
Jimmy Golden, Jerry West, Dutch Mantel, Robert Fuller, Wendell Cooley and Gordon Solie
"I can only go back to the days of King George when there was an abdication of the throne. We have seen the abdication of the throne with the old Tennessee Stud." - Solie
"The people have come to me now and asked that I represent that name: Tennessee for the state of Tennessee." - Rob Fuller
"To the finest organization in professional wrestling, Gentlemen, let's knock 'em dead." - Robert Fuller
"You know, I'm so tired. Everytime we go up and down the road, Prichard was there, arguing with Boyd's decisions." - Golden
"Prichard, I tried to make you into a champion, now I'll make you into hamburger." - Boyd
"You have been disqualified from the Wild Bunch and now you are just yankee beef for us to beat." - Boyd
Can you spot the spelling error?
Overall thoughts: Really good disk. I loved seeing the Rockers and the Stud Stable signing ceremony was just awesome. I also loved the blackout situation with the Bullet getting unmasked. This was a great disk and I highly recommend it.

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