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CWA Memphis TV 1/2/1982

CWA Memphis TV 1/2/1982

The Midnight Express(Norvell Austin, Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose) vs Ricky Morton and Tom Maley
The Midnight Express

Condrey, Austin and Rose
Gotta love it, MX vs Ricky Morton from 1982. Memphis always has hidden gems to be found.

Morton vs Condrey
Austin blew a whistle the whole time. That got old quick, especially in the quiet studio. Rose did a deadlift over the shoulder throw here which was impressive. Ricky Morton was already awesome here in 1982.

Taking care of buisness the MX way
Condrey got the win over Maley here with a semi-botched powerslam in a good match. This is the first time I've ever seen the Original MX so it was exciting for me.

Jimmy Hart cut a quick promo with Bobby Eaton, The Iranian Assassin and the Cuban Assassin

Hart was mad that things have been happening to him, but nothing has been happening to Steve Keirn.

Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane in 1982
Stan Lane called out his opponent and said it's going to be a party when he fights him, but a short party, so "don't buy any popcorn".

Hart then promised to make some changes to his Family in 1982. He then said he has something for Keirn and Dundee and one of the Assassins lit a blow torch!
He almost had something for Lance too
Jimmy Hart vs Dennis Upton
Apparently Hart was a substitute for Sweet Brown Sugar.

Hart offered a handshake then quickly threw his hand back.

Hart danced around and did everything to avoid contact in the early going. Upton laid down in the ring and challenged him to come at him, then moved and made Jimmy miss. Calhoun went down when Hart fell into him.
The Iranian Assassin then came in and hit Upton with a dive from the top and put Hart on top.

Hart got the win and sold the damage well.


Hart hid under the ring then hit Dundee with powder to get an advatange.

That's Steve Keirn at ringside by the way. We then had a huge melee with the three above and both Assassins. Ali Hassan the Iranian Assassin nailed Keirn with a fireball.

Keirn and Dundee then got beat down more as the Assassins used a chain. The Super Destroyer vs Bill Dundee started right after this and that was just an extended beat down. Apparently, the stipulation was that The Super Destroyer had to win twice in only 10 minutes.  The Destroyer made quick work of him in the first fall.
Dundee made a comeback and then took a seat in the front row to rest. He tried to keep outside as much as possible so Destroyer couldn't win. This ended up working so they gave Dundee the win.

David Price and Roy Rogers vs The Assassins

The Iranian Assassin
The Iranian Assassin got us off to a really quick start with some nice work. Then Rogers took over.
Roy Rogers

David Price works over the Iranian Assassin

They actually had a decent back and forth match until Hart tripped Price and The Iranian Assassin got the win at 5:28. Rating: *1/2

Lawler came out and Hart said, "I have a phone call, I'll be back".

Nightmare and Speed (Jimmy Hart's First Family) vs Dutch Mantel and Bill Dundee

Nightmare and Speed
Bill Dundee looking awesome
Dutch went after Hart and Hart consulted the police officer on duty

Lawler said, "If you could win matches with your mouth, Hart would be the
Heayweight Champion". Hart's crew tried to do the masked confusion thing upon getting in the ring but the Jerry Calhoun saw it. Nice reffing there.

Nightmare begs off
Nightmare got doubled teamed here and was the subject of two mistimed elbows by his partner.
Stand tall young Nightmare!
Lawler said, "About all you can say about the Nightmares right now, are their outfits look pretty". Lawler then perscribed Hart with a case of "Cowarditis" when he ran from Dutch.

Speed then ended up accidently giving his partner a headscissors.

Dundee then whacked their heads together for the win at 5:27. Hart claimed, "He pinned the wrong man!".
This is wrestling, clap clap clap clap clap
We then got quick promos from Dundee and Keirn.

"Being burned is one of the most miserable experiences of my life."

"After the next time we meet, you'll never do nothing to me again Jimmy Hart."

Overall thoughts: This was a great show. We got the Midnights vs Morton from 1982, we got fire TWICE and we got two good jobber matches. Check it out!

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