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CWA Memphis TV 1/9/1982 Review

CWA Memphis TV 1/9/1982

Dave and Lance welcome us to the Show

The Invader (200lbs) vs Dutch Mantel(224lbs) (AWA Southern Champion)

The Invader

Dutch applies the sleeper
Not much to this one here. Lots of sleepers and chinlocks until Dutch won with a double thrust to the throat.

We got a quick promo with the Midnight Express.

"If you give me a 2x4 I'll fight a Jap, I'll fight anybody, cause' with a board son you can beat somebodies brains out, you know that Lance Russel?" - Dennis Condrey
They then said that the Gibson brothers wouldn't be so lucky this time around.  Hart, Lane and company then appeared and Lane said this on his upcoming match with Dutch Mantel:

"Your going against pound-for-pound one of the best wrestlers in the world today brother, and I plan on leaving with your strap." - Stan Lane
We then got clips from the 23 man, 2 ring battle royale. Randy Rose won and then the Midnight Express tied Ricky Gibson to the post in the tree of woe position:

"They are just pounding the stew out of Rick Gibson." - Lance Russell

Robert Gibson tried to make the save but it didn't turn out so well:

"So far, the Midnight Express have been King of the Hill inside the ring." - Lance Russell

Roy Rogers and Rick McCord vs The Midnight Express(Randy Rose and Dennis Condrey with Norvell Austin at ringside)

Condrey and Rose looking cool
Lance announced that the Express got fined $1,000 for their actions in the battle royale.

Rick McCord

This is not the Rick McCord of Austin Idol fame, but just another guy who happened to be named that. Austin was completely annoying with his whistle here.
"Right then and there they could have gone for the pin, but they didn't." - Lance Russell
The Gibsons interferred with wooden boards and got some revenge, while Rose got some color:

"That's not something that you are going to use as an all-time example of sportsmanship." - Lance Russell

"Randy Rose who is bleeding profusely... and I don't blame the Gibson's one bit." - Lance Russell
The MX won by DQ at 4:38.

The Gibson Brothers

Speed vs Dennis Upton

They did some nice arm work like you are seeing in the picture. Upton takes some weird bumps due to his tall, lanky frame.

Speed won with some kind of clothesline/slingblade at 3:08.

"It's not new Lance, give me a break...looks like a Puerto-Rican prom dress, doesn't it?" - Jerry Lawler 
Lawler came out on commentary to update us on his status.

Ricky Morton and Chief Thundercloud vs The Assassins

"The opponents are not here yet...but as soon as they arrive, we'll tell you who they are." - Dave Brown

"Oh, here they come." - Dave Brown
Lawler and Hart took quick jabs at each other before the match started. Lawler said it would be about one more week before he returned to action.

"Double Tommy-Hawk there on The Assassin...he chopped him up good there." - Lance Russell, after Assassin took some chops from Thundercloud.

"See, that's just what we are talking about. Soon as Rick got the man down, Hart's hollerin' he's pullin' his hair...then the ref comes over. Did you pull his hair? That's a distraction." - Jerry Lawler
Lance mentioned that the Iranian Assassin was whispering to the Cuban Assassin. Which language do you think they used? Lawler then asked if Lance's nose posed for the Iranian Assassin's hooked boots.

The Assassins won here after a double clothesline on Thundercloud at 8:14.

Check out that one in the blue

Stan Lane looking cool
Expiration of time match: Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko B. Ware), Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane vs Bill Dundee, Ricky Gibson and Robert Gibson

Gotta love the MX Version 3 and Koko. That's a heck of a team right there.
Reach for the sky
 Dundee went under the ring at one point and tried to pull Jimmy with him. Koko was so awesome in this. He was really lively and he bumped like a maniac. This was going good until the Assassins randomly ran in, which caused Keirn to run in too.
"We got 8...well 9 of them in there" - Dave Brown

The tape then cut through the local promos and we closed out with a Lance interview with Jerry.

"You gotta understand two things about wrestling. First of all, this is not a sissy sport or anything, Lance. This is a rough sport. Your gonna expect this kind of stuff if you get in this buisness. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, so the wrestlers expect this kind of thing. Second of all, you've gotta understand that this is a sport and also a buisness."
"Hart wants to be the biggest man in this area and his way to do it is to interfere in every match and to make everyone as mad at his as he possibly can... and he's doing a darn good job fo it. Everyone wants to beat Hart." - Jerry Lawler on why Hart and his family are always interferring.

We then got more promos.
"It may have not been the nicest way to do it, but it seems thats the only way to do it from now on. We're sick and tired of being the nice guys, cause' nice guys finish last" - Rick Gibson on the wooden board attack on the MX.
"I've been busted open a few times before, but when it's a snake like you that does it with that walking stick brother I'm gonna take it this week and shove it where the sun don't shine". Bill Dundee on Jimmy Hart.
Overall thoughts: This was again a pretty good show. The jobber matches were decent and even though there was alot of interference as usual, it came after we got some wrestling. The Original Midnights were awesome here too. Check it out!

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