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CWA Memphis TV 4/10/1982

CWA Memphis TV 4/10/1982

"You know Lance Russell, if you had to tell the truth for once in your life, you'd say that the Express is the best tag team you ever seen in your life." - Dennis Condrey

"They won't even let us on tv. They say we too violent, we hurt too many people. We gonna open up some eyes. If we have to hurt people, it doesn't matter to us." - Dennis Condrey

"My boys done went through everybody in here and I run over Jerry Lawler like a mack truck."
"We gon' have to get some attention around here if we have to start hurtin' people, because the Midnight Express is #1, so put that in your pipe and smoke it, jack." - Norvell Austin
"We'll just see how #1 they are." - Lance Russell
Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose vs Rick McCord and Eric Embry

Austin with the cheapshot

More cheapshots from Austin

The finish
Condrey pinned Embry after the elbow off the top from Rose at 4:10. Good squash. Embry got punished.

Dutch Mantel vs Gypsy Joe

"We got all the makings of a hurtin' match here." - Lance Russell
" I don't know what the record is for most diqualifications in a career, but Gypsy Joe must be closing in on it." - Dave Brown


Dutch won here with an elbow in 3:30. This was alright and was "Brawl city" according to Lance. Mostly just punches and headbutts. Joe looked surprisingly strong here. Rating:*

Jerry Lawler vs Ernie Kirkland

Ernie Kirkland

Lawler with the one hitter quitter for the win
Lawler won here in 31 seconds after one punch. Jerry was mega over here.

We got clips from Eaton/Sugar vs Gibsons at MSC. The heels beat up on Bill Dundee at ringside and put some kind of alcohol/sulfur on the faces.The Gibsons threw in the towel when Robert Gibson was bleeding from both eyes. Eddie Marline took the belts away from Eaton/Sugar

We got a promo with the Gibson's:

"I went around for 3 days with my eyes burnin' Hart."
"If we have to do the same thing you guys do to get those belts, maybe we'll do it."
"Hart, you better load up because I'm gonna load up with every damn thing I got."

"Whatever you got Jimmy, bring it on down."
Norvell Austin vs Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers in his cowboy get-up.

Condrey came into interfere

Dutch came in for the save then Rose came in and triple teamed him. Lawler then came in to even it up.

Lawler tried to shake hands but Dutch pushed him down. Jerry, Dutch doesn't want to be your friend.

"I don't know if he's hard of hearing or what's a matter with him, but I don't want to be his friend."(Editor's note: HA, I told you.)
"He thinks it's over, but it ain't over Lawler. I ain't forgot you and I don't need his help. The farther off he stays away from me, the better off we'll both be."

"If they want attention, all they gotta do is put Roy and I together and they'll get all the attention they want."
"Roy, you gonna be alright buddy."

The Monk vs David Price

David Price

The Monk won quick here in 43 seconds with a headbutt and a splash. This was better by Monk's standards.

We then got a promo with The Monk:

"Eddie Marlin won't give him a chance. You know why?"

"Because the Keirn's and the Lawler's say, Eddie, whatever you do, please don't give us a match with the Monk. He'll hurt us. He'll put us out of professional wrestling."
"I said to Eddie, Jimmy Hart and the First Family, if you don't give The Monk a shot at the Southern Heavyweight Title, then we're leaving brother."
"We now got a chance at a championship match with Jerry Lawler"

Hart hits him and says:"He's gon' lay that fist upside yo head."

"He's gonna lay that foot upside yo stomach baby."

Hart hits him with the bat and says, "And you GOTTTA BE READY FOR IT."

"Take his head baby and I want you to squuuueze it. Give it everything you got."
Monk tries to pop it and fails, so they do a cut to a later scene.

"Look at it, its over Lawler. My dream baby.

"Look at it baby."
We then got a music video with Bill Dundee:

"That one-armed cowboy, tough little son-of-a-gun." - Lance Russell
The video was set to some song called "Blue Skies" with Dundee talking about how he was depressed and was upset about being injured. I'm not sure what the purpose of it was unless it was to make Dundee look like a sissy.

Expiration of time match: Stan Lane and Danny Davis vs Sweet Brown Sugar(Koko B. Ware) and Bobby Eaton

What in the heck is Stan wearing?

Davis went after Hart and JR Hart used a chair on him
Eaton won after hitting Davis with something in his hand and then they had a small brawl.

We got an interview with Lawler:
"Well, he's strong but he doesn't have both oars in the water, does he? He's not all there, obviously." - Lawler on The Monk
"We saw those videos of Jimmy Hart hitting him with a baseball bat...and it doesn't impress me. Jimmy Hart couldn't break eggs with a hammer."

Overall thoughts: This was an alright show. No great matches but The Monk's promo was fun and I liked the Dutch/Lawler stuff. Check it out if you have some time to waste.

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