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CWA Memphis TV 4/3/1982

CWA Memphis TV 4/3/1982

Norvell Austin vs Eric Embry

Austin in kung-fu gear

A young Eric Embry

"Austin breaks out of the facelock, a good move by Norvell." - Dave Brown

"Eric Embry out of Cloverport, Kentucky." - Dave Brown

"Norvell Austin, a tough guy. He's been there and been back." - Lance Russell

Austin with his foot on the ropes for the pin
Austin won with a double thrust to the upper chest at around 8:30. Decent match with lots of armwork. Rating:*

Dundee came out for an update and they showed him getting beat up by the First Family. This was an awesome promo.

"The only thing I know that you don't know is if I need this sling or not, Hart and B. Ware. The day that it comes off you're gonna find out." - Bill Dundee 

"The day this comes off, you're gonna be wearing it around your neck and that's a promise." - Bill Dundee
Dutch Mantel did a promo:

"Lawler, I'm gonna give you one more chance. The Final Conflict. Ring enclosed by barb-wire."
"Everybody knows that Jerry Lawler is from Memphis, Tennessee and everybody knows they don't have too many barb wire fences in Memphis. "

Sweet Brown Sugar and Bobby Eaton vs Rick McCord and Tom Maley

"I'm the Great American Hero and you know it." - Jimmy Hart
"I saw one that said, help clean up America...kick out Jimmy Hart." - Lance Russell

"Jimmy Hart there taunting him." - Dave Brown
"He's gotta be from Memphis that Rick McCord. He wrestles the way Jerry Jarrett used to. Look at him. Haha." - Jimmy Hart

"They look like Laurel and Hardy in that ring. The Smothers Brothers, look at 'em!" - Jimmy Hart

At 5:45, Eaton and Sugar won with a double team backbreaker on the knee. Not a bad match but a total squash. Rating:*

"New Wave, Lance Russell, New Wave."
"Listen Danny Davis, I could come out here with an army hat calling myself, Sgt. Jimmy Hart, but I'd be imitating you wouldn't I baby?"

"I could come here making excuses about my hurt hand which has a fractured bone like the Lawler's and the Dundee's and all these other little pukes around here. I am Jimmy Hart. The greatest man in professional wrestling and the brains of the First Family."

"I stopped by the 7-11 today and bought myself some crackerjacks."
"And what was in it?  A copy of my new hit record, "We Hate School."
We got a promo with Beautiful Bobby talking about how Ricky Gibson will remember how he injured him next time he sees him in the ring.

We then got a Gibson's promo with Danny Davis:

"Hart will come out here and tell everyone that he beat Danny Davis."
"All these people know different, they know Jimmy Hart is a jerk."
"Jimmy Hart did not beat me and he will never see the day that he can beat me."
"I'm gonna squeeze his neck til his ugly eyeballs pop out his face, and you'll never see him again."

"Hart, you're the one that hurt me, not your two boys. Now I'm coming back at 110% and we are going to show the people that we can defeat your boys, Hart." 

"Hart, bring your boys out here cause' y'all got something that belongs to us and that's those Southern belts." - Robert Gison

Dutch Mantel and Roy Rogers vs Tojo Yamamoto and The Invader

"Invader with that mask, I don't know how he sees out of it." - Dave Brown

Dutch got the double thrust to the neck then Rogers hit the sunset flip for the win
Not much to this one. It was fine for the 2:34 it lasted.

The Angel, Crazy Luke Graham and Dream Machine vs Robert Gibson, Stan Lane and Danny Davis
This was suddenly changed to a 6-man for no apparent reason.

"I call him Super Midget." - Hart on Davis

The first fall ended when Eaton and Sugar(pictured aboved) interfered for the DQ. Rick Gibson made the save:

"Looks like a carpet rake he's got." - Dave Brown

They had time so they started a second fall:
Graham threw Davis into the ropes and he dived at the Hart's.

Davis got the beatdown for it.
The First Family lost the second fall and got DQ'd due to outside fighting. The whole match stopped once it got good so this was a dud.

Lawler cut a promo:
"I'm tired of wrestling Dutch Mantel. It's not doing my health one bit of good."
"Let's end this once and for all and find out who's the best man in the ring."
"So I told the promoters, put that barb wire in the ring so that all it will come to is Dutch Mantel looking at Lawler in the ring."
Overall thoughts: This was just an average show. The in-ring stuff was just okay but the promo's were good as usual. Skip it.

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