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CWA Memphis TV 11/27/1982

CWA Memphis TV 11/27/1982
Big News: Eddie Marlin has fired the Sheepherders after their actions last week.
New York Dolls vs Ira Reese/Ken Raper
Apparently, The Dolls literally stole the Fab’s belts at the Coliseum Show last week and Hart defended it by saying, “Possession is 9/10’s of the law”.  
McGraw spun around after every time he stomped his opponent. Russell and Brown mentioned that “miracles do happen now and then” in reference to Raper and Reese’s chances. The Fabs came down during this and took their belts back and the Dolls ended this squash right after.
Hart cut a quick promo but don’t ask me what he said. I couldn’t understand a word of it. The Sheepherders cut a promo after with Luke Williams in a neckcast. He had a nasty looking red burn on his neck and Boyd said that the Sheepherders are staying whether Marlin likes it or not. They then said Dundee was going to be burned.
Apparently last week, Hart brought in a new protégé, “Sabu, The Wildman from Borneo”. This is Cocoa Samoa, not ECW Sabu. They showed clips from Sabu/Hart vs Lawler for the Southern Title at the Coliseum. Sabu looked pretty decent. He is pretty fiery and quick. He has some nice snaps to his moves too. Lawler sold for most of this. Sabu hit a superfly splash and a flipping legdrop. Lawler made a comeback and beat up on Hart, but Sabu came from behind and hit him with a cool palm strike with a weapon. Due to the stipulations of this, Hart won the Southern Title.
The Enforcer vs Bill Dundee
This was Squash City until the Sheepherders interfered. They hit Dundee with part of their flag pole and Lawler made the save. Dundee was laid out and had to be helped out. Dundee won by DQ.
Jim Cornette came out with Jesse Barr. Barr won the Mid-Americas title and Cornette mentioned how Barr, “won the belt all by himself”.  Cornette had a problem with the crowd booing “a man who represented his country in the Olympics Games”.
Jesse Barr vs Terry Taylor – Non-Title
They did some nice matwork with a few different takedowns and they exchanged hammerlocks. Jesse Barr hit his really gay bearhug again that made it look like he was trying to burp Taylor. Dutch Mantel ran in and Cornette ran away through the ring and the ref DQ’d Barr for that. Taylor wins by DQ at 5:33. Dumb finish.
Lawler came out and said it’s looking serious with Dundee as he hasn’t yet come around. Lawler said he talked with Eddie Marlin and since he did him a favor by helping Eddie last week to fight the Sheepherders in a match, he’s asking for a favor which is rehiring the Sheepherders. Lawler said he would wheel out Dundee if he had to.
“Pretty” Carl Fergie vs Dutch Mantel
Lance said that Dutch is mad about the Mid-Americas title situation.  Lance and Dave talked about how Fergie put on weight and is now looking around 245. Mantel hit a nice bodyslam off of a reversal here and then Fergie went out of the ring.  Dutch did some armwork here and Fergie and Dutch really started going at it rough. Jesse Barr and Cornette interrupted this one and then triple-teamed Mantel. Bobby Fulton came in with a whip and started letting it fly, which cleared the ring. He may have hit Dutch by accident, whoops! Dutch won by DQ.
Sweet Brown Sugar/Bobby Eaton vs The Fabulous Ones
The Fabs danced and did a striptease. And we complain about the divas? We got to see the future Midnight Express go at it here. They were having a decent match here until Hart/NY Dolls interfered. Always hate that but it’s Memphis and I knew something wonky would happen. Fulton and Mantell made the save.
Overall thoughts: Not a great edition. Too many wonky finishes on matches I was actually enjoying. Skip it.

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