Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 86 from 1993

Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 86 from 1993
"It did no good to yell and scream. What we had to do was humiliate you, Akbar." - Tatum 
"It might be a flat tire tommorow, a shaved head, heck I may even go out with your sister, Gary Young." - Tatum
Terry Simms vs Nick Hernandez
Terry Simms
Simms won this one with a sunset flip. This was pretty basic stuff. Nothing really stand out here and Simms was definitely trying to do his best Hogan impersonation with the firing up. Rating:1/2*

"Now entering the ring, one of the largest tag teams to ever enter the Squared Circle." - Announcer
"The original Tugboat Taylor." - Announcer
Alex Porteau
Super Soakers!
Porteau and Summers either got DQ'd for using the guns or counted out. Either way, I don't care. This match stunk. Rating: DUD

Mike Davis wearing one shoe
Booker T and Stevie Ray
Mike Davis is listening to the turnbuckle, seriously.
The Ebony Experience - Booker T and Stevie Ray vs Mike Davis and Brian Henning
Brian Henning, a Mr. Perfect ripoff.

Booker T and Stevie Ray tried, but there was just too much wrestlecrap that needed to be flushed during this one. Thank God Harlem Heat was going onto better things. Rating:1/2*

Johnny Mantell vs Eddie Gilbert
Eddie Gilbert didn't make the show for whatever reason. Wild Bill Irwin then ran in.

Johnny Mantell vs Wild Bill Irwin
Mantell attacked Irwin last week during his match with Black Bart, which caused this.
This sucked. This was around 16 minutes long. It was slow and heatless and I had to fast forward. Rating: DUD

Overall thoughts: GWF 1991 = Good, GWF 1993 = Bad. Avoid this like the plague.

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