Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wrestling Dream Matches - The American Fan Edition

I've been wanting to do a post on my dream matches for a long time, but was waiting for the right moment. With WWE doing a top 10 dream matches list, I guess this is that moment. I've decided to split my dream matches up for American fans and more hardcore fans. This way, I don't have really odd matches teamed up with more traditional dream matches.

The Rock vs Randy Savage
I think everything about this would be awesome. The promo's building this one up would be alot of fun. I'd love to see The Rock rip on Savage for his name which would undoubtedly bring out the crazy side of the Macho Man. I could then see Rocky making comments towards Miss Elizabeth or Sensational Sherri(pick your time frame and face/heel affiliation here) to really put Savage over the top. Macho would then cut some crazy promo's along with sneak attacks and the match would be set. These two work similarly in ways and I think they would be a great match-up stylistically. I could see The Rock countering the top rope double axe handle with a Rock Bottom and The Rock mocking Savage's trade mark finger to the sky pose before doing the People's Elbow. I could definitely see some nice brawling here too before The Rock would ultimately take it. I think that this could be everything The Rock vs Hulk Hogan was and even more.

I have three Undertaker matches that I have wanted to see, and even though one of them happened already, I'll still list it.

The Undertaker vs Sting
WWE got this one right when they listed it. This would be a match between similar characters and the vignette's leading to this could be awesome. I could see Sting stalking Taker at his graveyard. Then in return, I could see Taker visiting Sting in the rafters. From there, they could do their disappearances act. I'm thinking that I would have neither man cut any promo's for this aside from Undertaker saying, "Rest In Peace". I think that it would be really cool to build a feud without any words being said and I think WWE could actually pull it off. As far as the match goes, it should be pretty good. Taker would get the early advantage but Sting would make a come back. I could see Sting hitting his splash and both of them exchanging dives to the floor. The finish could be Taker reversing the Scorpion Deathdrop for the Tombstone to win it.

The Undertaker vs The Great Muta
This would be along the lines of the match against Sting and it would be really awesome. Both of these guys have a darkside to them and I think they could really play it up. I could see Muta misting Taker in the build up to this and who knows, maybe even Taker would return the favor. The entrances alone to this match would be worth the price of admission. Taker could come out with his druids and Muta could come out with his ninjas. The match would be all brawling with lots of weapons thrown in. I don't know if Taker could pull it off, but I could see him catching a Muta moonsault and then getting a tombstone for the win.

The Undertaker vs The Ultimate Warrior
This already happened but The Ultimate Warrior left before the program could really be built up. When they did it years earlier, they had an interesting build up. If you didn't see it, Taker locked Warrior in a casket which was a pretty scary moment for alot of young fans. I don't know how or if the Warrior could respond to that in an angle, but I'd like to see Warrior take on a darker side for this match and claim that Taker has unleashed some new side of the Warrior. As far as the match goes, you would want to keep this one short. It would be alot like Sting vs The Undertaker in alot of ways with Taker getting the early advantage and Warrior making a comeback. They'd both do their flying clotheslines and Warrior could even get Taker up for the Gorilla Press. However, when Warrior would go to do his splash at the end, The Undertaker would catch him with a chokeslam and win it.

Moving on past The Undertaker, here is another I'd like to see.

Demolition Ax and The Original Demolition Smash Randy Culley vs Demolition Smash(Barry Darsow) and Demolition Crush
I don't think I've ever seen this one listed anywhere so I'm taking full credit for this one. For those that may not know, The Demolition duo of Ax and Smash that we all know and love was not the original. Originally, Randy Culley was cast in the role of Demolition Smash. Due to him not being a good fit and due to the crowd supposedly noticing that he was a former Moondog, he left after about two television appearances. Culley would end up spending the rest of his career doing his old Moondog gimmick plus his takeoff gimmick of Detroit Demolition in Continental.

I would book this one like this. Let's pretend we are in about 1991 just to make it easy. Demolition Smash and Crush are starting to fade out. However, a new Demolition arrives on the scene. This Demolition would be Ax and Randy Culley with their original manager, Johnny V. They would wrestle and have matches and the announcers wouldn't really do much but mention that Demolition Smash looks a litle different than he used to. After a few weeks of squashes, Demolition Crush and Smash(Darsow) would appear and alert everyone that they are the real Demolition. Ax/Culley would claim to be the real Demolition and both teams would get a nice build leading up to the match. They'd take sneak attacks on each other and would try to show who is the strongest. The managers would even get involved. I could see Darsow and Crush trying to wipe the face paint off of Culley and try to show everyone that he's not the real Smash. Once they would meet, it would be a total brawl all the way. They would each do the trademark Demolition spots and Darsow/Crush would probably end up winning it. They could even do a series of matches with a final battle with the loser not being able to use the Demolition name anymore. I think that this would be a fun spectacle and would have some similarities to the Original Midnight Express vs Midnight Express feud that I loved.

These are my main american dream matches that I would want to see. While there are some others that I think would be great, these are ones that I consider mine. Keep an eye out for the hardcore fan edition with more international matches and more workrate oriented matches.

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