Thursday, August 9, 2012

WWE adds two new shows

With WWE's new WWE Main Event television show on Wednesday night and WWE's new Saturday Morning Slam television show, WWE's current television schedule looks like this:

Monday - WWE Raw
Tuesday - None
Wednesday - WWE Main Event(ION) and NXT
Thursday - Superstars
Friday - Smackdown
Saturday - Saturday Morning Slam(THE CW)
Sunday - A.M. Raw, Vintage Collection, Monthly Pay Per Views

Other shows on at various times/days in various parts of the world: WWE Afterburn, WWE Bottomline, This Week in WWE(I had never even heard of this until today), WWE Classics on Demand, WWE Classics on Demand (Internet Version) and The WWE Experience.

Let's take a look at how this works out from different perspectives:

As a fan: As a fan, this should be something to be excited about. Wrestling will now be on almost every night of the week in some part of the world. This gives us better chances of getting better matches and seeing the wrestlers we want to see.

As a wrestler: This should work out pretty well for the wrestlers too. This means more paydays and more exposure which is always a good thing. This also means more experience for wrestlers who need it.

As WWE: Two new shows mean two more paychecks which is great for WWE. It also gives them more promotion possibilities such as offering longer matches and more differentiated matches along with the chance to grab new fans.

As one of the networks: By getting a WWE show, I'm expecting top talent and top matches. However, I'm probably not going to realize that neither of these things are likely to happen. By having the WWE on my network, I can attract new fans and if my network gets bad ratings, I may have a chance at making my network stronger.

There's one huge downside to all of this though and that is that it will undoubtedly increase fan overexposure. While wrestling fans don't have to watch everything, many try to. As a fan who has been more overexposed than few others, I can attest to this. The more I see, the more critical I get and the higher my expectations become. If my expectations aren't met, I won't watch.

Overall, I do not think that more shows on television will hurt WWE. The people that will watch the new shows will watch. I think that the expectations should be low enough to where this should work out okay for WWE. Fans may become overexposed, but most fans are probably overexposed already and I don't know if new shows will make any difference. At best, WWE gets some new fans and lots of cash and at worst, their shows get cancelled after a year.

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