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WWE Saturday Morning Slam Debut Episode 8/25/2012

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Debut Episode 8/25/2012

In the info section for this on my cable guide, it mentions that this show bans any moves or holds on the neck. No caps for this one unfortunately as I wanted do it live, which meant watching it off my television.

Saturday Morning Spotlight - Brodus Clay
He said the WWE Universe is all about "getting funky". He said everyone is invited to Planet Funk, which is a huge dance party. He said to be a Funkateer means to have fun and be apart of the show. He then said he last called his momma 5 minutes ago.

He then did his dance and showed us how to do it. They said practice makes perfect and on Planet Funk, the party never stops. Then, they did a small feature on previous dancers like Rikishi, 2 Cold Scorpio, 2 Cool, JYD and Disco Inferno.

The Third Degree - Superstars were asked, "What is your favorite olympic sport?":
Cody Rhodes likes Freestyle wrestling but hates Greco-Roman wrestling. Jack Swagger likes every woman's sport. Brodus Clay likes weightlifting.

Santino came out to do commentary. He was still the US champion here even though he lost it Sunday to Antonio Cesaro.
Blurred shirt

Heath Slater vs Kofi Kingston
They focused on kids alot during this match. They constantly cut away to show them having a good time. They also blurred out a few shirts during this. They both focused on armlocks during this match, since they weren't allowed to do headbutts.

They came back from the commercial and there was even more armwork. Kofi went for a high cross body and missed. Then, they did more armwork. Slater put Kofi in abdominal stretch and held the ropes. Kofi went for another high cross body and hit it for the win. This match was alright, but obviously, every chinlock and headlock was substituted for arm work. Rating:*3/4

They showed a package with the WWE Be A Star program on anti-bullying. Not surprisingly, they didn't show any of the half dozen clips of bullying on an average episode of WWE.

They then showed the WWE superstars dancing and reacting to the "Be A Star" song.

Next time: A spotlight on Rey Mysterio plus a segment on signature moves.

After the show, DBZ Kai was on. Neck moves are apparently unsuitable for children, but Frieza being cut in half and Vegeta talking about genocide is suitable for children.

Overall thoughts: This was easily skippable. It's obviously geared towards kids, but I'm not even sure if they would want to watch this.

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  1. The match was actually good. A little different from the style we're used to seeing, but it was a solid wrestling match.

  2. I definitely agree. It made sense and they stuck with the story while working in the odd perimeters set-up.

    Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it! Looking forward to hearing more from everyone!