Friday, August 17, 2012

WWE Smackdown 8/17/2012

This is the abridged international edition. Say what you will, but SD in 45 minutes is better than SD in 120 minutes.

This opened with a long montage with Sheamus and ADR.

ADR came out:
"I want my world title match back now. That peasant Sheamus came out and stole my car and he gets rewarded?" - ADR
"I am the #1 contender."
Booker T came out.
"You're not a man. What you did is step across yo boundaries. I will not tolerate that here" - Booker T to ADR.
Chris Jericho then came out:
"You sound like a chihuahua."
"You want me to give him a spanish lesson? I can speak spanish too."
"Translation - I just said that his breath smells like dog poop."
"I"ve got a little proposition of my own. Since your not getting a title match of your own and since I'll be beating Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam, maybe I'll take your spot in the match against Sheamus."
"How about we make a main event tonight? Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio." - Booker T
Cody Rhodes then came down after the break:
"Last week, I tried to expose the abomination that is Sin Cara's face."
"Please, avert your eyes. I am now able to provide you this rendition of Sin Cara unmasked."

"Hahah, that's really what it looks like. I've seen him." - Michael Cole
"Ugly as sin." - Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes and The Miz vs Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara
Rey and Cara then did double dives
"Cody has this obsession with Sin Cara's mask." - Michael Cole
Awesome 619 by Mysterio, perfect spot for this
The finish
"Mysterio, the legal man in this match." - Josh Matthews
This was a good match. Fast paced and had some nice spots. Doesn't hurt that Rey and Cara are quite the dream team. Rating:**

Miz tried to attack after but got a 619 for his troubles
Winner becomes Booker T's assistant - Kaitlyn vs Eve Torres
"Kaitlyn told me today, her biggest idol: Chuck Norris." - Josh Matthews
The pin, as Eve laughs at Teddy Long at ringside
So-so match. It's the divas afterall! Eve won with a roll o' the dice neckbreaker. Eve is now Booker's assistant, YAY. Not. Rating: 1/4*

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan:

Orton takes a reverse dragon screw
DB misses the shoulder
DB whipped into the rails
Kane's music hit and they teased him coming down, but he didn't.
The Finish
 Decent match. Could have gone longer and would have been better without the Kane thing. Good work though by both men. Rating: *1/2

When they came back from the break Dolph attacked Jericho in the back, right before Jericho's match.

Dolph hit him with a tool cart. He then said, "You don't overlook me."

ADR tried to declare himself the winner since Jericho got beat up. Jericho still came out, I mean it was just a heavy tool cart afterall...

Y2J holds his ribs
"You wanna argue about this? Royal Rumble? Eliminated. Elimination Chamber? Lost. Wrestlemania? Lost. Extreme Rules? Lost Over the Limit? lost." - Michael Cole going on Jericho's resume this year. If he lost that many times, why is he in line to get a title match?
"Hey Stephen A. Smith, can I get a word in here?" - Josh Matthews

DZ pulls the top rope down
ADR then won with a low enzugiri. Good match but short. Not worth going out of your way to see but atleast it built up Dolph a little. Rating:*

"How's your arm eh? You'll never beat me." - DZ
Sheamus snuck down
"Bandaged up, bruised...Sheamus assaults Alberto Del Rio." - Michael Cole

"I want you to reinstate my title match against Alberto Del Rio." - Sheamus
"Sheamus, you're injured, I cannot do it." - Booker
"You'll have to rip off my arm from my body, and even then, you cannot stop me from getting in this ring." - Sheamus
"Sheamus, if I do it, you know it will be for the World Heavyweight Championship right?" - Booker
"Please reinstate the match."  - Sheamus
"Then you got it." - Booker
Overall thoughts: Even though this was abridged, this was good. Loved the Rey/Cara tag team match, Orton/DB was good and ADR/Jericho was good. Loved seeing DZ look strong too. Check it out!

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