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WWF RAW 1/3/2000

The Rock cut a promo to start the show talking about how he was home. Rock also brought up how Mick Foley was fired last week by the McMahon's. HHH and Steph came out and told Rock that he will be in a 1 on 3 handicap match later with Rock's job on the line along with anyone's who decides to interfere. HHH brought out the Rock's opponents for the night who happened to be DX. They beat down the Rock.

The Dudley Boyz defeated Too Cool (w/ Rikishi) via disqualification at 3:16 when Rikishi interfered, superkicked Bubba Ray, and hit the Rikishi Driver on D-Von; moments earlier, the Mean Street Posse - who came out before the match - attacked Rikishi at ringside but were soon chased backstage by the Acolytes
King tried to call "The Worm" the "The Centipede". This was actually a really good match until Rikishi stupidly interferred. They did the 2 Cool Dance after. Hooray for losing!

They cut to the Acolytes who said they could beat the Posse with a hand tied behind their back. HHH said good idea and signed it! Whoops! I actually liked that.

Kurt Angle defeated Kane (w/ Tori) via disqualificaton at 3:27 when Steve Blackman came into the ring and hit Angle over the head with his kendo stick; earlier in the show, Triple H told Blackman that if he attacked Kane in an attempt to save Angle's undefeated streak then he would be fired
I always found Tori to be odd. The last few weeks she had been teasing that Test and Rock made unwanted advances towards her which got them chokeslammed by Kane. Angle said that Kane lacked integrity and intelligence and said that he would beat him because Angle has the three I's. This wasn't much at only 3 minutes and I didn't understand Blackman hitting Angle.

WWF IC Champion Chyna (w/ the Kat) pinned Hardcore Holly (w/ Crash Holly) at 1:58 when Chris Jericho, who did guest commentary for the bout, punched Holly in the face, allowing Chyna to roll him up in a sunset flip for the win; prior to the bout, Stephanie McMahon had both Jericho and Chyna come out to the ring and declared that, as a result of their match on Smackdown!, both wrestlers were the Intercontinental Champion; both could defend the title but if one lost the title then both would lose it; moments later, Hardcore Holly, with Crash, came out and demanded a title shot; after the bout, Jericho left ringside with the title belt, with Chyna & Miss Kitty following, as Crash and Hardcore fought into the crowd
Both Chyna and Y2J being the IC champion is kind of weird. You can't have two people in first place. It really makes no sense and I don't know why either one would want to be champion then unless the money was good. The only way this would work is if say Y2J would make Chyna defend all the time, and he'd get the rewards. Y2J was good on commentary here and aside from Chyna taking a cool clothesline bump, there wasn't much else to this.

Triple H pinned WWF World Champion the Big Show to win the title at 7:08 with a kick to the groin and the Pedigree as the referee was distracted by X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws on the rampway; DX and Stephanie McMahon watched the match from stage; after the bout, balloons were dropped from the rafters and pyro went off to celebrate Triple H's victory as he was congratulated by DX and Stephanie in the ring
Show was in shape and had alot of hair. He also wore a shirt for some reason. Show was pretty over the previous week when he won the title, so naturally HHH mostly destroyed him and made him look like a goof. HHH got fireworks for the win. There were alot of questions about this one coming from me.

The Big Bossman & Albert defeated Test, the Fabulous Moolah (w/ Harvey Wippleman), & Mae Young (w/ Mark Henry) (mystery partners chosen by Triple H & Stephanie McMahon) in a handicap match at 1:41 when Albert pinned Test with the bicycle kick after Bossman used his nightstick to knock Test off the top; after the bout, Test and Wippleman were beaten down until Henry helped clear the ring
Okay, this was obviously ridiculous but it was funny. Had to feel for Test here. What else is there to say about a 1:41 squash? Moolah carried Harvey on her shoulders to the back.

The Acolytes (with one arm tied behind their backs) defeated Pete Gas, Rodney, & Joey Abs via disqualification in a handicap match at the 30-second mark when the Dudley Boyz interfered and helped in beating down the Acolytes with a chair until a number of referees swarmed the ring
This was nothing more than a beatdown, but Bradshaw was doing good there with only one arm. JR got to use his "Government Mule" line here when the Posse whipped them with their belts.

Howard Finkel announced for DX's "Have a Bad Day Film". If you haven't seen it, Mankind comes into the office looking for a job and they go over what a loser he is.

Jeff Hardy (w/ Terri & Matt Hardy) defeated Al Snow in a steel cage match at 6:45 by escaping over the top after leaping off Snow's back; prior to the bout, Snow attacked Matt from behind on the floor; moments later, he dragged Hardy out of the cage and assaulted him with a steel chair before throwing him back inside the ring and trapping Terri in the ring as well, locking the cage door with his own chain; after the match, Matt climbed over the top of the cage and hit Snow with a chair to save Terri
Snow got Terri and Jeff in the cage and then locked them in there with a chain. I don't even know why Terri bothered wearing a shirt as she didn't leave much to the imagination. Matt jumped on the cage and tried to prevent Snow from chairing Terri. Instead, he got his fingers chaired. Snow hit a really nasty looking slam/cutter off the cage. Hardy went head first for the most part. Hardy escaped the cage first and seemed to have very little trouble doing so. However, he left Terri in there by escaping. Whoops.

HHH dressed up as a chinese doctor named "Hung Low" in part two of "Have a Bad Day". He did a Karate Kid kick to Mankind's nuts. Nah, no racism here.

Patterson and Brisco were in the back talking about how they will be sad to see Rock go. Rock said he won't go and will kick the "Roody Poo Crew's" butt.

Part 3 of "Have a Bad Day" had Mankind in a bookstore failing at selling any of his books. HHH played some kind of redneck bookstore owner here.

They cut to DX backstage and Rocky slammed Road Dogg's head against the well. Road Dogg however seemed to be fine less than a minute later...

The Rock defeated X-Pac, WWF Tag Team Champions Billy Gunn & the Road Dogg in a No DQ handicap match at 9:17 by pinning Gunn with the Rock Bottom after Mick Foley came out of the crowd and assaulted Gunn, Road Dogg, X-Pac, & Triple H with a steel chair; prior to the bout, Triple H - who watched the match from the stage with Stephanie McMahon - announced that it would be a No DQ match; pre-match stipulations stated that had Rock lost, he would have been fired
This was just an extended beat down on the Rock. Rock beat Billy Gunn with the help of Foley.

Overall thoughts: This is the attitude era. Everyone was over and everyone was in an angle of some sort but wrestling was not the top priority here. Everything had a dirty finish and no matches went past the 10 minute mark. If you like good matches, watch something else. Skip it.

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