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WWF Smackdown 1/6/2000

I just want to point out that there is no WWE fake crowd noise track for the show and the difference is astounding. It's basically like watching a show with a laugh track and without one, and without one is alot better. Of course, everyone was over so they didn't need any fake noise.

Taped 1/4/00; Orlando, FL - Arena
DX had a meeting and said she wanted to toughen DX up. She signed X-Pac vs Big Show and Pac wasn't happy. He asked why he had to fight him and then HHH said he can "kick his butt". Yeah, I know I'd pick Pac against Show...Billy Gunn then got served with a handicap match against the Acolytes. Billy was not too pleased. Definitely some dissention there. HHH then said he would select his opponents via a lottery. Steph then said if Foley shows up, he gets arrested.

X-Pac defeated the Big Show via disqualification after Show shoved and hit the chokeslam on the referee
Show was pretty upset here was having an easy time with X-Pac. Show was too upset though and got DQ'd. X-Pac got an advantage on him while he was hitting the ref and tried to hit him with a chair to no effect. He tried again and Show just punched the chair right in face. That was nice. Show was pretty over for this.

Hardcore & Crash Holly defeated WWF Intercontinental Champions Chris Jericho & Chyna (w/ WWF Women's Champion the Kat) when Hardcore pinned Jericho after Chyna clotheslined her partner
Jericho and Chyna are still co-IC champs here. Still don't get how that works. They argued before the match in the back. Crash came out with his scale and the Holly's were announced as "allegedly over 800lbs". This was a decent match actually, probably because Chyna didn't step in the ring once. Rating:*

Tori asked to use the DX bathroom since the rest were full.

We got a vignette of fake Mankind asking for hugs in Universal Studios.

Road Dogg wanted to find HHH and Steph said that he was in the bathroom. Road Dogg couldn't wait and walked in on Tori.

The Acolytes defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn via disqualification in a handicap match after the Road Dogg interfered
Not much to this one. Billy hung in there for a minute until Road Dogg came in.

Kane heard about the bathroom incident with Tori and Roadie and asked for a match with Road Dogg. Steph gave it to him with no problems.

Kane (w/ Tori) pinned WWF Tag Team Champion the Road Dogg with the chokeslam and tombstone
King said, "I'm the King and I don't like to be caught on throne". Billy Gunn was barred from interferring in this match, but X-Pac wasn't. X-Pac teased interferring but didn't. This was actually a decent match with Kane being the monster he hasn't been in a decade and Road Dogg being fun.

They showed fake Mankind talking to himself and getting scared on Jaws at Universal Studios.

Kurt Angle defeated the Rock via disqualification after Rock used Steve Blackman's kendo stick as a weapon
It took Rock about 10 minutes to say that he wanted Angle to stick his medals where the sun don't shine. They had a nice match here until the screwy finish. Rock laid out Angle after the match.

Edge, Christian, & Jeff Hardy (w/ Terri Runnels & Matt Hardy) defeated Al Snow & the Dudley Boyz when Edge pinned D-Von Dudley with the Downard Spiral; after the bout, Snow attacked both Dudleyz with Head
This was a really quick match. It was good though with alot of fast action.

Fake Mankind was trying to ride a rollercoaster at Universal after it closed. The Universal Studios police were called.

Test pinned WWF Hardcore Champion the Big Bossman in a non-title match after interference from Albert backfired
Bossman and Albert mostly worked on Test's nose here as he had a protective mask on. This wasn't too bad but mostly was just punching and kicking.

Fake Mankind wanted to go on Back to the Future to revisit when he won the title and to revisit the last time he did it with his wife.

Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki defeated the Mean Street Posse in a handicap match when Funaki pinned Rodney after Taka hit a missile dropkick
HHH booked this to get the Posse their first win. Kaientai looked like kids against the Posse. King said that they will probably "go home and climb the Great Wall". Like most of these matches, it was too quick to give any kind of rating on it.

Finkel was supposed to pick HHH's opponent through a bingo tumbler but he fell and knocked the tumbler over. He ended up picking Rikishi and HHH looked through the names to double check. He looked upset.

Manking beat up Fake Mankind at Back to the Future.

Rikishi defeated WWF World Champion Triple H (w/ Stephanie McMahon) via disqualification after the champion used the title belt as a weapon
Stephanie was at the booth here and her, Cole and King focused more on Rikishi's butt than the match. Rikishi was so over here. The crowd thought he was going to win it and he had a good match. HHH chaired him but couldn't keep him down. It took another belt shot and a chair to put him down.

Overall thoughts: Typical Attitude Era stuff. Quick matches and lots of dirty finishes. If it sounds like it's for you, enjoy! Otherwise, skip it.

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